Top 3 Most Popular High RTP Fishing Games

Fishing games for cash have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Originally, these games were just a fun pastime, but as they evolved, shooting fish and schools of fish could earn you real money. No wonder fishing games have become all the rage! Expert players have a few tricks up their sleeves, and after reading this article, you won’t be left watching others cash out; you’ll be reeling in the profits yourself.

To give you a bit of history, fishing games originated from those fun goldfish scooping games at night markets. They’ve come a long way since then, transitioning from physical arcade machines to the online versions we have today. The rules are simple: shoot the fish with bullets, and once they’re down, cash in! These games were a massive hit in arcades, and finding an available machine was like finding a needle in a haystack. But thanks to the internet, there’s no need to jostle with crowds anymore. Players aren’t bound by location, and with 24/7 online casinos, you can dive into the fun world of fishing games anytime you fancy. And hey, why not rope in a few friends for a fishing spree? After all, as we say in India, the more, the merrier!

Types of Fishing Games

Online fishing games are a multiplayer extravaganza, perfect for bonding with family. Why not invite your family for a meal and a game? With its intriguing and novel gameplay, fishing games promise heaps of fun. And as time goes by, these games keep evolving, introducing unique fishing techniques and exhilarating features like sliding symbols, free spins, lucrative bonus rounds, and crazy multipliers. It’s like the Bollywood of gaming – always something new and dramatic!

Winning Tip 1: Be Observant – Test with Small Cannons, Wait for the Right Moment

Save your bullets for the big show! There are times when the fish are easy targets. But it’s all about using your bullets wisely. Fishing games have three phases:

Fish are easy to catch.

No matter how hard you try, the fish evade you.

Break-even phase where you neither lose nor gain.

So, channel your inner yogi, be patient, and strike when the game is in its most vulnerable phase. It’s like waiting for the monsoon after a hot summer – the rewards are worth the wait!

Winning Tip 2: Target the Small Fish – Little Drops Make an Ocean

If you’re looking for steady earnings, aim for the smaller fish. Sure, the big fish bring in more money, but the small ones ensure a consistent flow of cash. It’s like enjoying street food in India – small, affordable, but oh-so-delicious!

Winning Tip 3: Aim Before You Shoot

While shooting fish, make sure to aim properly. Many beginners get carried away with the thrill and keep shooting aimlessly. It’s like trying to cook biryani without the right spices – a lot of effort but not much to show for it!

Winning Tip 4: Be Decisive

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the big fish just won’t budge. In such cases, switch to a smaller cannon and target fish that offer double the rewards. It’s like switching from a heavy curry to a light samosa – sometimes, the lighter option is just better!

Winning Tip 5: Exploit the Game’s Bugs

Every game has its quirks and bugs, and fishing games are no exception.

Which are the easy-score fish? Fish that are closer to the cannon or slower ones like lantern fish, devils, and turtles. Adjust your angle and go for a continuous attack.

For fast-moving fish that are close to the cannon, follow their direction and use medium to small bullets in rapid succession. Your hit rate will soar! And if there’s a swarm of fish approaching, save your bullets and wait for the right moment to strike, just like waiting for the perfect moment to dive into a plate of pani puri!

Once you understand the basic principles and cycles of fishing games, the most crucial part is hands-on experience. With a basic understanding and accumulated observational experience, you’ll soon be the fishing maestro! And who knows, maybe even the Shah Rukh Khan of the fishing world!

Popular Online Fishing Games Recommendations

Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing is a fish shooting game with a jackpot as its main attraction. Developed by JILI, a gaming company known for creating a plethora of exciting fish shooting games. Many games crafted by JILI are unique, especially this one. The highlight of the game is the accumulating jackpot, the biggest prize in the game. With payouts similar to slot machine games, players can win prizes even before they grow big. Additionally, the game offers other intriguing features, including special fish. There are various hunting methods to choose from. It’s like the Diwali of gaming – always bright and full of surprises!

Features of “Jackpot Fishing”

Rainbow goldfish with payouts ranging from x66 to x168x and a big jackpot. Rainbow Golden Dragon with a payout rate of x160 to x320x and a massive jackpot. “Jackpot Fishing” by JILI Games has already shown stellar performance in terms of activity. Both special events and game refunds are intriguing. This distinctive game offers an accumulating jackpot where players can win three levels of prizes simultaneously. The jackpot amount depends on the total bet. Betting according to the game’s terms gives us the right to win prizes, adding to the game’s charm.

Mega Fishing

“Mega Fishing” is an online fish shooting game launched by JILI Games, similar to “Jackpot Fishing”. The giant octopus brings a golden lucky wheel, offering huge prizes! There are more features and effects when killing peculiar fish like exploding crabs. Mega Fishing allows players to explore the most exquisite underwater world with up to 27 marine creatures, providing a plethora of shooting options. When you defeat the final boss – the giant octopus, the wheel of fortune appears, bringing you a massive prize!

Features of “Mega Fishing”

The standout feature of this Fishing game is the deep-sea giant squid. Equipped with a lucky wheel, you can become a millionaire in a jiffy after a few shots. Special fish offer big prizes, making it easy to chase the ocean’s kingpins. Numerous rewards await you. Eye-catching deep-sea fish, spectacular shooting platforms, perfect schools of fish, and mountains of gold coins will surprise you at every turn! The game is divided into mealtime and moments you can control. Becoming a winner is no longer a dream. When you see schools of fish appearing continuously, don’t hesitate. It’s time to shoot!

Fa Chai Fishing Game

“Fa Chai Fishing Game” adopts the popular special fishing game rules of the moment. Enjoy the fun of fishing games while listening to lively music! The background is designed based on wealth and money. Fa Chai Fishing innovatively introduces random red packet rules. When the fortune turtle appears on the field, attack it to win up to 300 times! When the bar is full, trigger the lucky red packet. Win up to 1000 times! Moreover, you can also get special weapons like automatic cannons and thunder bombs. Use these weapons to win higher rewards.

Features of “Fa Chai Fishing Game”

Randomly, you get a lucky red packet. Win up to 1000 times. Hit the fortune turtle. Win up to 300 times.


In the vast ocean of online gaming, fishing games have carved a niche for themselves, offering both entertainment and the thrill of real cash rewards. Just as India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, the world of fishing games is vast and varied, with something for everyone. And where better to dive into this exciting world than at our very own online casino, VIJAYBET? Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newbie, VIJAYBET offers a fishing game experience like no other. Cast your net, take aim, and let VIJAYBET guide you to a festival of wins! Happy fishing at VIJAYBET! 🎣🐟🎮