Dragon Tiger Live – India’s Casino Classic Goes Global

It’s straightforward gameplay and quick pace have made Dragon Tiger a global favorite among live casinos. Vijaybet presents an eight-deck Live Dragon Tiger experience, featuring authentic, skilled dealers and crisp, high-definition visuals. Enjoy this timeless casino game and boost your profits with our thrilling side bets.

Dragon Tiger: How to Play Live

Every casino aficionado will enjoy Live Dragon Tiger, a swift and uncomplicated card game from Vijaybet. In spite of its simplicity, it masterfully maintains suspense, making players eagerly anticipate each round’s outcome.

Often likened to a two-card rendition of Baccarat, Live Dragon Tiger showcases a duel between two cards: one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger. Players wager on which side will triumph with the superior card or predict a tie outcome. A tie bet not only returns half the staked amount but also rewards with an 11:1 payout.

Designed by Evolution Gaming, the game unfolds in a lavishly designed Asian-themed studio, flanked by dragons and tigers to underscore its oriental theme. Live Dragon Tiger at Vijaybet Casino is perfect for those looking for ease and excitement in a straightforward game. Take part in the action now!

Vijaybet Dragon Tiger

Vijaybet’s Ultimate Guide: Dragon Tiger Online – Dive into Betting, Odds, and Winning Tactics

  1. Objective: Players must wager on which position will have a higher card, Dragon or Tiger.
  2. Card Values: As in poker, Aces are the lowest cards and Kings are the highest. It goes Ace (lowest), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King (highest).
  3. Dealing the Cards: In Dragon Tiger, one card is dealt to the Dragon position and one card is dealt to the Tiger position. No additional cards are drawn.
  4. Winning the Game: If the card on the Dragon position is higher than the card on the Tiger position, then Dragon bets win, and vice versa. Winning bets pay even money (1:1).
  5. Tie Bet: Players can also bet on the possibility of a tie. If both the Dragon and Tiger positions have cards of the same value, the game is a tie. In most versions of Dragon Tiger, if you have bet on either Dragon or Tiger and it’s a tie, you lose half your bet. If you bet on a tie, the payout is usually 8:1 or 10:1, depending on the casino.
  6. Suit Bets: Some versions of Dragon Tiger allow players to bet on the suit that will be drawn (hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades). This bet typically excludes the 7 card, meaning if a 7 is drawn, all suit bets lose.
  7. Big/Small Bets: Players might also have the option to bet on whether the card will be Big (8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King) or Small (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). If a 7 is drawn, both Big and Small bets lose.
  8. Side Bets: Depending on the casino, there may be additional side bets available, offering different payouts based on specific outcomes.
  9. Payouts: Winning bets on Dragon or Tiger typically pay even money, less a small commission in some casinos. Side bets and tie bets have different payouts based on their odds.
Vijaybet Dragon Tiger

Enhance Your Dragon Tiger Game with Vijaybet’s Winning Tactics

  1. Card Counting: While not as complex as blackjack card counting, some players keep track of which cards have been dealt to predict future outcomes. Lower cards may have a slightly higher chance of appearing if more Kings have been dealt.
  2. Suit Tracking: Since there are four suits, players sometimes keep track of which suits have been dealt most frequently. This can be used in conjunction with side bets that allow betting on suits.
  3. Betting Systems: Players often employ betting systems like the Martingale (doubling up after a loss) or its variations, though it’s essential to understand that no betting system can overcome the house edge in the long run.
  4. Observing Patterns: Like Baccarat, Dragon Tiger often comes with a board that shows the results of previous rounds. Some players believe in following trends, such as betting on Tiger after it has won several times in a row, while others might bet against a streak, expecting it to end.
  5. Avoiding the Tie Bet: Given its high house edge, many experienced players suggest avoiding the tie bet, even if its payout can be tempting.
  6. Managing Bankroll: This is a skill that’s crucial for all forms of gambling. Players set limits on their losses and winnings to ensure they don’t chase losses or give back all their winnings.
  7. Being Observant: Especially in a live casino setting, it’s beneficial to watch a few rounds before placing a bet. This can provide a feel for the game and possibly recognize any patterns or trends.
  8. Play the Safe Bet: Some strategies suggest always betting on the Dragon or Tiger and avoiding other bets because of their higher house advantage.

In Dragon Tiger, players use a variety of strategies to improve their chances of winning. The players track cards and suits, use betting systems like Martingale, look at past results, avoid tie bets due to high house edges, manage their bankrolls, and prioritize safe bets. It is also beneficial to observe a few rounds before betting. With Vijaybet, you can play smart and confidently.

Vijaybet Tips Dragon Tiger

Bets on the side

Each round of the game allows you to place a number of side bets. The following are some of them:

  • Dragon Big and Tiger Big bets win if an eight or higher is dealt to the corresponding main position. They lose in cases of seven or lower.
  • Dragon Small and Tiger Small bets win if a six or lower is dealt to the corresponding main position and lose in cases of a seven or higher.
  • Winning cards for the Dragon Odd and Tiger Odd betting positions are A, 3, 5, 9, J, and K.
  • Winning cards for the Dragon Even and Tiger Even betting positions are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and Q.
  • 7 is not included in the Dragon/Tiger Odd/Even bets and in cases of a 7 all Odd/Even bets lose.
  • 7 is not included in the Dragon/Tiger Big/Small bets, and in cases of a 7 all Big/Small bets lose

There is no connection between side bets and main game bets. A Dragon main bet position can be combined with a Tiger Odd side bet, and vice versa.

Dragon Tiger payouts in real time

Bet TypePayout
Side bets1:1

RTPs for games

In Live Dragon Tiger, the theoretical percentage return to the player (RTP) varies depending on the type of bet:

Bet TypeRTP
Side bets92.31%


Explore the captivating world of Dragon Tiger, where simplicity meets suspense. Vijaybet offers an exhilarating online experience that allows you to master strategies, embrace the thrill, and elevate your gameplay. Discover the enchantment of Dragon Tiger like never before by joining us now.


Q. What is the best way to play Dragon Tiger at Vijaybet Casino?

Dragon Tiger allows you to bet on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. When the dealer draws two cards, you win if your initial bet is the highest-value card in the two boxes.

Q. Can you tell me what the odds are for Dragon Tiger?

Dragon and Tiger have made an amazing contribution! A 1:1 ratio means you will get paid the same amount as your wager if you win. You win 8 times your stake if you bet on a tie.

To increase your chances of winning big, you can even place big and small bets! Give it a try today – you won’t regret it!

Q. In Dragon Tiger, what is the main bet?

The dragon. Tiger offers three main betting options: Dragon, Tiger, and Tie, plus additional side bets for even more chances to win!

In addition to the Dragon, Tiger, and Tie bets, side bets are available for even more chances to win. It is fast-paced and easy to learn, making it ideal for both experienced and novice players.